Do you want math and science to come alive?
Are you seeking projects inspired by the real world?
Do you want to learn while exploring your world?
Are you searching for a mentor who gets you?

Finding a great mentor can be hard, especially when it comes to thriving in math, science, and engineering. I'm not only the kind of person who always asks big questions about the world, but I'm also a person who wants everyone to be able to delight in learning. I partner with students and families in diverse ways, depending on your needs. Check out my programs below!

Everyday Curiosity is a weekly electronic magazine filled with hands-on activities for children, parents, and teachers who want to explore how math, science, and engineering connect to the real world. Submitting payment means you agree to the terms of use.

The Curiosity Effect is a suite of online programs for young scientists, engineers, and inventors ages 2 and up. Programs emphasize hands-on learning and range in length from 3 to 16 weeks, making The Curiosity Effect a perfect supplemental science curriculum.

Academic Coaching combines tutoring, advising, and mentoring. I empower creative kids and adults who want to experience more success in math, science, and engineering by working with them individually. Click on the picture to learn more about academic coaching.