Do you wish your teachers were available on the evenings and the weekends when you need urgent homework help the most? Are you seeking support so that you can improve your grades? Are you ready to maximize your learning? Are you looking to connect with a mentor passionately committed to your success?

Welcome! I am so glad that you've found me. I am an engineer by training and by temperament. I love rolling up my sleeves to solve problems. I can help you move from crisis to confidence by helping you leverage your natural curiosity to experience more success in your math, science, and engineering classes.

Succeeding as a student is about more than making good grades. You need to know what you are doing, where you are going, and why it matters. Too many teachers expect students to learn in an echo chamber detached from the real world. I know that today's math, science, and engineering students are on a mission to transform their natural curiosities into successful careers amidst constant change. Academic coaching helps students build their confidence and leverage their brain's natural responses, so that they can enjoy learning, experience greater academic success, and unlock future opportunities.

Ways to Work with Me


Call in some emergency service when you need help with that huge test tomorrow, that massive project due this week, or that uber-frustrating homework assignment. I will help you move forward with confidence after a single 90 minute session. Same day service may be available. By submitting payment, you agree to the services agreement.

$105 per session


Get that extra support you need to thrive all term long. Approach your classes with confidence knowing that you have a mentor who is absolutely committed to your success. This package includes four 90 minute academic coaching sessions to help you take on your classes! By submitting payment, you agree to the services agreement.

$360 per month

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I'm sure you're asking, "How can you help me?"

That's a great question. I've been an academic empowerment coach for over fifteen years. I love helping my students succeed. Here are some gems from the highlight reel:

  • A high school freshmen was able to thrive in his honors physics class, bringing his grade up from a C to an A. Because he was able to boost his confidence in both science and math, he decided to join his high school's robotics team.
  • A high school junior maintained her standing on the honor roll after missing a bunch of school because of medical problems. She started the semester terrified that Physics and Algebra II would cause her GPA to tank even in the best of circumstances. She discovered that she could learn and enjoy taking advanced math classes, and we worked together to help her get into her first choice college.
  • A high school senior improved his SAT math score by 200 points, applied for and received several scholarships, and felt awesome about his choice to study engineering.
  • A pre-medical student beginning her studies at a community college passed chemistry and pre-calculus on her first try. She made the Dean's List. She confidently transferred to a four-year university feeling prepared to handle the increasing workload.
  • A high school student who has always struggled with standardized testing increased her test-taking confidence even in her weakest subjects. She passed her Algebra II exams with a score comfortably in the "Proficient" range.
  • A college senior who had previously failed a required math course was able to improve her math confidence, develop stronger study strategies, increase her test scores over the course of the semester, earn a 94 on her math final exam, and graduate on time.
  • A high school sophomore interested in inventing a device that transported vaccines in developing countries successfully presented his project on national television.
  • An adult preparing to go back to school supercharged his math skills before his placement exam. He was certain he would have to retake college algebra, but he tested into calculus.

Your goals are important to me as we work together. Over the years, I have helped well over 100 people unlock their future opportunities. I enjoy building relationships with my students that last.

Are you wondering if I can help you meet your goals?
Let's talk!

What my students are saying...

"I wanted to say thank you for how much you helped me. I have a very different perspective of math than I used to, and it made my life way easier to think of it as more of a language and to apply it in real-life to make the lessons stick a little better." -GP, high school junior

"You have a way of connecting with students that makes them feel great about themselves and that replaces their apprehension with confidence. Once that is done, they can reach their full potential." -MN, high school junior

"I wanted a tutor because chemistry was filling me with anxiety and fear. I couldn't even look at problem sets without crying. I've managed to grow not only as a student but also as an adult because you looked out for me as a whole and provided guidance in all aspects of school. I've always dreamed of medical school and now I know it can finally become a reality. Couldn't have asked for a better person to help me reach my full potential." -PP, college sophomore

"As a mechanical engineering student, my classes can become overwhelming for me from time to time. I needed to find someone that could help me with my different mathematics, physics and engineering courses. Lindsey is the perfect fit as a tutor for me. It’s easy to schedule flexible appointments, and we can work on homework from multiple classes in the same session. My experience with Lindsey has been much more than simply being tutored. For example, Lindsey is always able to show me the most direct route to approaching problems while supporting me with valuable life advice so that I can achieve my career goals." -OS, college junior

What are you waiting for? It's time to start unlocking your future opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses do you tutor?

I specialize in supporting students in math, science, and engineering classes. My favorite classes to tutor are physics, calculus, algebra, engineering statics, thermodynamics, and mechanics of materials. I also enjoy helping students in chemistry, geometry, statistics, differential equations, and other engineering coursework.

I'm really awful at math. Can you actually help me?

I love working with people who feel like they have never really gotten math. I challenge my students to see math as a language that relies heavily on patterns. I also discuss the people behind the theorems, unlocking the history of math. I am your dedicated cheerleader as you practice speaking math. My language-based, skill development approach works when other approaches have failed.

How do you help students with science?

I believe that studying science depends heavily on two skills: observation and explanation. I help you learn how to make observations as a scientist. Scientists notice things that other people overlook. They ask good questions and use tools to improve their observation abilities. Additionally, scientists cross-reference their observations with other people’s explanations, creating tests to figure out which explanation works best in any given situation.

While I enjoy all sciences, I especially love mentoring science fair projects and teaching physics. I have mentored dozens of students, many of whom have successfully presented their research at international science fairs. I have extensive experience working alongside eighth- and ninth-grade students taking physics. Additionally, I am particularly fond of AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2.

What is your background in engineering?

I trained as mechanical engineer and have continued in engineering education. I'm particularly interested in engineering design, and I enjoy mentoring students completing different design projects. I have extensive experience supporting students in various engineering science classes such as statics, dynamics, mechanics of materials, fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics.