Your kids will be so busy asking questions, they won't realize they're learning.

Encourage your kids to explore their world... away from their computer screen and video games with a subscription to Everyday Curiosity. Your kids will access fun, hands-on, creative math, science, and engineering projects that go so much further than an egg drop or baking soda volcano.

Through active play, your kids will practice being a real scientist, engineer, and inventor. They will improve their problem-solving abilities, grow as independent learners and doers, and take on increasingly complex projects with confidence!

Start your subscription today to get awesome math, science, and engineering activities for kids ages 8 and up every week.

  • Are your kids coming home exhausted at the end of the day?
  • Do you dread the thought of helping kids with their projects?
  • Are your kids asking you how what they are learning in school is relevant to the real world and you don't know how to make the connection?
  • Are you worried that your kids are going to be burnt out and turned off of learning even before they start high school?
  • Do you wish that learning could be fun?

What if you could transform your home into the place where your kids fall in love with learning? Imagine your kids learning more confidently while taking more and more risks to attempt cooler projects, become better problem solvers, and improve their academic performance. What if the questions your kids are always asking could unlock opportunities for their future?

Our brains are full of curious questions:

  • How do airplanes fly?
  • Why do basketballs bounce?
  • Why do canoes float if they are made of metal?
  • Who invented the shower?
  • How does toothpaste clean our teeth?

Everyday Curiosity explores these big questions (and more!), so your kids can discover how math, science and engineering connect with the real world. This weekly electronic magazine is full of teachings and activities you can access anywhere, so you can captivate your kids and unlock amazing conversations at home or on the go.

This image defines curiosity as (noun) 1. a strong desire to know or learn something, 2. a strange or unusual object or fact, and (added in hand-writing) 3. the best way to learn about the world!
3 kids exploring the world around them. Text reads "Inspire Your Young Engineer, Inventor and Scientist so that they can love learning again"
The words "Everyday Curiosity" appear in white handwriting over a collage of nine images (a cardboard figure playing the piano, a close-up of a playground swing, the corner of a Monopoly board, an oscillating fan, an underwater shot of swimmers, air conditioners on the site of a building, a gold medal, a squirrel with furry ears, and a smurf figurine brushing its teeth)

How It Works

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  3. Prepare to start seeing the world a little differently. Each issue explores one big question AND gives your little learner 3 related, hands-on activities where they can roll up their sleeves + discover. Plus, each activity is designed to use supplies you’ve already got at home or can easily find at the store.

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Encourage engaged, active exploration

Kids need opportunities to explore their world, ask big questions, and achieve their goals successfully.

Everyday Curiosity is based on the questions kids ask naturally. Each issue ties into kids' lived experiences at home, at school, or around the town. As kids complete their weekly explorations, they develop strong sense of pride in their problem-solving skills and abilities to create awesome things.

Access fun, hands-on, creative math, science, and engineering projects

Kids look at the world differently. They want to explore everything. Good projects can be hard to find.

Everyday Curiosity has at least three project suggestions in every issue that are related to a theme. With themes that range from blenders to crayons to swimsuits, you get diverse projects without being overwhelmed. Kids want projects that are new and different. Everyday Curiosity helps you make that happen... without having to buy special supplies.

Practice being a real engineer, scientist, and inventor

Kids learn through play. They develop their creative problem solving skills because they stick with fun activities.

Everyday Curiosity is full of real science and engineering content that honors how kids learn. I leverage my experience as a teacher and curriculum designer to make sure that there's something for everyone. Your kids will fall in love with learning, doing, and creating.

Parents Praise Everyday Curiosity

I absolutely love any great science piece that gets kids thinking... And Everyday Curiosity does exactly that. Well written and fun for any budding scientist! -Christy D.

Everyday Curiosity is an amazing resource for my kids. Instead of sitting around, playing video games or fighting (let's be honest here) this gives us not only an activity, but a learning one at that. It's inspiring my kids to think and apply their science, and not just color in bubbles on a standardized test. You need this in your life! -Gretchen M.

Love Everyday Curiosity!! How awesome to take an ordinary event and turn it into an extraordinary learning opportunity!! Fabulous. -Darcy H.

I love, love, love what you are doing! Everyday Curiosity answers the questions kids are already asking about, but in a hands-on way that's fun (and secretly reinforcing what they are learning!) I'm subscribing today. -Kim F.

Curious to know what is inside?

About Lindsey Nelson

Everyday Curiosity is a brainchild of Lindsey Nelson. Lindsey is an experienced engineering educator who loves dreaming up big questions, inventing great hands-on projects, researching the lived history of math, science, and engineering, and being perpetually curious. Each week, Lindsey looks for fun questions that spark endless imagination and exploration.

Lindsey graduated with a BS in mechanical engineering from Boston University before starting to teach high school physics. It did not take long for Lindsey to fall in love with encouraging curious kids. Lindsey has taught learners from second grade on up. Lindsey loves teaching physics, engineering design, and creative problem solving and has worked with students in classrooms, summer camps, museums, and backyards in addition to teaching online. Lindsey has over 15 years inspiring kids asking big questions. Over the years, Lindsey has helped dozens of kids transform their questions into competitive science projects presented at state, national, and international competitions.

To learn more about Lindsey, click the picture of Lindsey sitting on the fallen tree.

Everyday Curiosity is always exploring the world. See what we've been talking about over the past four weeks by clicking one of the images below.

Everyday Curiosity: Newspapers

Everyday Curiosity: Newspapers

Getting information matters. One reason why the internet is so powerful is that we can find out about newsworthy events immediately as they happen. But it has not always been that way. Before the internet, most people got their news from newspapers. Newspapers need to be printed cheaply and quickly. Even though the printing press…

Everyday Curiosity: Marbles

Everyday Curiosity: Marbles

So many games can be played with small round balls. We don’t really know who invented marbles because kids have probably always played with nuts, rocks, and small balls made from all kinds of other materials. But did you know that many marbles are made of glass? Humans first started shaping glass about 5,000 years…

Everyday Curiosity: Blenders

Everyday Curiosity: Blenders

When I think about the perfect smoothie or milkshake, I think of a thick frozen river right on the verge of flowing. I love being able to use a spoon or a straw to enjoy my milkshake. Every morning, I make a smoothie before leaving the house. At first glance, it’s not clear how a…

Everyday Curiosity: Crayons

Everyday Curiosity: Crayons

I like coloring with crayons because so many different crayon colors exist. Did you know that crayons were used as a kind of waterproof marker? Edwin Binney and Harold Smith, the inventors behind Crayola crayons, combined paraffin wax with their carbon black pigment to make black crayons. It didn’t take long before people started asking…