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I’m Lindsey, and I have been encouraging creative kids to explore science and engineering and helping them conquer their difficult math, science, and engineering classes for 15 years. I love helping students invent something awesome, figure out how to complete the square, draw good diagrams that are actually helpful when solving physics problems, take on independent research projects, reverse engineer solutions in difficult engineering and science problem sets, and master balancing chemical equations. I work with my students to help them move from crisis to confidence while safeguarding their innate curiosity about how the world works.

I think fractions are fun, algebra is awesome, and calculus is cool. And I relish helping students find confidence and joy in their studies.

I understand where students are coming from because I have been there. I conducted every experiment from Mr. Wizard's Supermarket Science and begged my parents for more math practice. I took all the advanced math and science course offered by my high school, attended Space Academy and Advanced Space Academy, competed in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair three years in a row, was a semi-finalist in the Science Talent Search, and graduated magna cum laude from Boston University while majoring in mechanical engineering.

I have always enjoyed teaching. I was the kid who wanted everyone to understand why things work. After I graduated from high school, I got tired of hearing people tell me, "Oh, it's so great that you're an engineer, but I could never be one." Because I believe that everyone has a little engineering in them, I started asking people questions to help them discover similarities they share with engineers. More and more conversations ended with the person saying, "Huh, I guess I've never really thought of it that way before." I noticed when I showed people a different perspective that they felt empowered to go after opportunities they had never previously considered. I get more excited about my work as an academic empowerment coach every time students share with me the risks they are taking to explore their world more fully.

I like to mix teaching and mentoring. I strive to expose students to new ways of looking at the world by asking big questions, telling engaging stories, and identifying how students can use their innate curiosity about how things work to experience more academic success. I constantly look for how math, science, and engineering intersect with the real world; I believe we learn best when we can roll up our sleeves to have fun with hands-on projects. I am happy to work with students who feel in over their head and students craving additional challenges.

When I am working one-on-one with students, I start every session by asking, “How can I help you today?” Everything I do is tailored specifically to the student right in front of me. I do not follow a boring boiler-plate curriculum, and I love uncovering new ways to help students make sense of difficult concepts. If you do not understand one explanation, I will adjust my approach and try again. Rinse and repeat that process a few times, and you have a surefire method for washing away confusion. I want to empower students to be the pilot while assuring them that they have a trustworthy navigator at their side. I ask questions, provide time for practicing new skills, and guide students on their educational journey.

I have worked with diverse clients including, but not limited to, middle school students, high school students, college students, students with learning differences, gifted students, twice-exceptional students, and adult students. After I graduated from university, I earned a MS in Engineering Education from Purdue University and have worked in classrooms, after school programs, and summer camps.

10 photos of me captured from my webcam. Online tutoring involves many faces and the occasional messing around with reference books.

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